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The Game

Every week, once a week we play a battlegame night. This night consists of players battling over single or multiple objectives. This objective could involve planting a flag in a certain place, guarding your army's champion whilst trying to kill the other side’s champion, or simply slaughtering them all!

Regardless of your objective, you can be certain of one thing; action packed battle carnage on the regular day at the regular time week in and week out. We cater for all matter of skill, from the fully trained one-man/woman army to the newbie wondering which end to hit them with.

For our new players, we will teach you how to swing your blade, how to defend yourself and launch your attacks. We cannot however guarantee your survival (In game of course).

For those one-man/woman armies out there, we will offer you a chance to show us what you can do with a weapon in order to gain proficiencies. However, your first night, like everyone else, will be spent in the introduction training.

This is because we are focused on Safety and skill overall. We aim for you being able to come back after dying 30 times and not have a scratch on you. We will train all our participants to a strong standard and to grasp the skills needed to not only kill their opponent but ensure they are able then to walk off the field unharmed.


The Events Are Now Live!

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Event Information

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Where are you going?

The Venue for the game is situated in McCarthy Reserve, Rockdale, 2216. Which is at 9 Ador Avenue, Rockdale.

What are you doing?


As a New player, you are attending the sign in at 6:30pm, And the new players class will begin shortly after. Arrive PRIOR to 7pm. Expect to finish around 10:45pm.

New players will undergo a training session in which they will learn how to swing their weapons safely and effectively. The swords we use are foam covered - solid cored weapons and requires players to use a technique (which we teach you) to swing safely.

After this, new players are divided and assigned a sergeant to look after them, who will take them into the battle to help them get involved.


Returning players will complete sign in by 7:20pm, and be ready on the field sideline for battle at 7:30pm for the game start. Sign in includes weapon & Armour inspections, as well as any rental acquiring.

What to Bring:

We have club swords for hire and you don’t need armour to play, so first timers only need to bring the following:

  • Medieval/Fantasy costume if you have one, otherwise a plain large T-shirt and plain dark pants.
  • Comfortable shoes (the more medieval looking the better, but plain runners are fine for your first game).
  • A belt you can wear on the outside of your clothes (to tuck sword into).
  • A sports box (highly recommended for gents)
  • Gloves (recommended for all)
  • A fighting spirit and a sense of imagination!

What will happen during the game?

Players will be divided into teams, and pitted against eachother in a battle for objectives for their side. The objectives can be capture the flag, take and hold, and many more.

The Schedule

Time Activity
6:00pm Sign-in Opens
7:00pm New Player Training/Weapons training
7:25pm Sign-in Closes
7:30pm Scenario 1 Begins
8:00pm - 8:25pm Food/drink break
8:30pm Scenario 2 Begins
9:00pm Food/drink break
9:15pm Scenario 3 Begins
9:45pm Sign-Out Opens, Game Debrief