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Game rules are a living beast. They are parameters which allow the game to flow, story to evolve and players to enjoy their time. These rules have been built and tested by the player base, with focus on enjoyment and inclusive game play over all else. Below are some important things you need to note before you play, veteran or not.

Important things you need to know before you play

Participants must read over the Player Handbook. This handbook outlines not only the game story, but all rules, codes of conduct and processes.

It is highly recommended players read over the Current Ruleset.

Rules Announcements

There are Currently No Announcments

Download our player handbook


All participants of Battlecry, including players, NPCs or support staff are responsible for their own personal safety at all times. Any risky or foolish behaviour will not be condoned and any injury caused by said such actions are the liability or responsibility of the Individual, not Battlecry. Battlecry will however impose limitations to mitigate the risk to participants:

Alcohol : We have a zero-tolerance rule for the consumption of alcohol. Players must maintain 0.00 blood alcohol content in order to participate in ANY combat related activity. Any consumption of alcoholic drinks will eliminate you automatically from any game play involving combat. You are free to continue to roleplay or engage in the community, but without your weapons.

No Real Weapons: There no exceptions to this rule. Any players found with a real weapon in their possession will face expulsion from the game and harsh disciplinary action. During weekend events, only items that have been approved by staff can be taken into the field of play. No real or replica Pistols, Rifles or guns of any types at all. This includes the use of crossbow without proper licensing. Anybody who violates ANY part of this rule will be asked to leave immediately and police will be notified if necessary. It is illegal to carry a knife on your person in NSW.

No Physical, Hand to Hand Combat: We will not be allowing people to club people with weapons, shove people aside when running, hitting someone directly in any form, shield-bashing, tripping, or wrestling. No physical contact is to be made with any other participant without the express consent of the individuals involved and the officials PRIOR to it taking place. The above rule may have an exception in a controlled environment. With the correct safety measures in place and players who agree to the combat, then it is possible for physical combat with LABG style weapons.

We understand that accidents do happen in some situations. We try to create a realistic, immersive environment and minimise the visible safety precautions that are in place. Safety is not something that can be bent, or altered when players feel like it. Thus, it is important to understand the following situations will occur and to follow all safety regulations.

Safety Calls

In game calls will follow what has now become a NSW LARP standard. There are 4 major calls made and carried out by the players. When any one of these calls are made by an official it is important to repeat the call to ensure everyone hears and follows the rules involved. This is to ensure the entire field stops in the case of an emergency. The 4 major calls are below.

Code Red!

A player is on the ground; Blood is spotted; a player is not conscious; or unable to move themselves from action.

This is the most important call of them all. When someone is actually injured then anyone can call a ‘Code Red’. As it is a role-playing game calling for help can be mistaken as a character role playing action. Code Red emphasizes that someone has really been injured and to stop game play immediately. It is vital that this call is repeated loudly by all people that hear it. Game play must stop immediately, players must kneel on one knee and await official direction, if at a weekend game, and players must find the nearest official whilst at least 2 players stay with the injured player.


Time Out!

This generic call is made when game play needs to be paused temporarily. Essentially, it is the pause button in the game. Most often it is called by officials to treat an issue or to clarify a situation. Players may use it to call a pause in game time to get some clarity from an official about a particular situation or object. This call can be also used to stop game play to prevent some out of game danger, i.e. someone running backwards is about to trip over a log.

Time Freeze!

This call is made by officials only when something is happening in the background that players do not know about. Players must close their eyes and hum a deep sound so they cannot see or hear what is happening around them. This call pauses time in game. This is broken ONLY when the official calls Lay on.

Lay On!

This call is used to resume game play after a time out or time freeze call. What you see when you open your eyes is what you get. Either player or Official will count down from 5 in which players will ready themselves to resume the game without moving from their paused positions.


At random intervals of events, a drill call might be made, such as ‘code red ‘or ‘time out’; These are made to ensure the players know what to do. You must do your best to listen out for these calls at all times and carry them out no matter where you are on the field. It’s a test.

Equipment Safety & Care

Equipment Care is something that is paramount when dealing with a contact sport like ours. Looking after your gear has a direct effect on it's lifespan. Below are some tips, requests and standards that players must keep in mind when attending our games.

  • Do not rest the striking tip of any weapon on the ground, ever. This may cause the end to break earlier than standard shelf life.
  • If any suspected damage occurs to your weapon consult a safety officer or referee to check said weapon immediately.
  • Any new weapons to the club - even if on a pre-approved list - need to be checked by Officials.
  • All new armour pieces to the club must also undergo a short check to ensure they pass for both safety and fit into an armour grade.
  • Players are responsible for the maintenance if their own weaponry, players found using a broken/damaged weapon face harsh disciplinary action as this is classed as carrying a real weapon.
  • Players looking to create/buy new weapons and armour must consult the ‘Weapon and Armour Standards’ section of the handbook.
  • Players will, at all times be eligible for a Random Weapon Inspection.
  • Upon inspection; any piece of armour, costuming or weapon may be disallowed from use if deemed to be dangerous.

Equipment Standards

  • All new-to-the-game weapons and armour must be checked and pass a Weapons Standard Test (WST), regardless of previous approvals.
  • A list of approved brands and items will be made available (these still need to be approved at the game).
  • Armour should not have any sharp edges or spikes that can damage weapons, yourself or others.
  • Players found carrying unapproved weapons or armour deemed dangerous will face disciplinary action.
  • Only a WST accredited official can approve weapons and armour, not just any staff member.
  • Arrows and throwing weapons must be checked as they are projectiles and just as prone to injuring players if made or maintained poorly.

Information on weapon construction, Dimensions, and the WST is found in the Player Handbook.

Current Rules

Damage and HP:

  • Players start with a Base HP of their class.
  • All weapons do 1 HP in damage.
  • Magic strikes through shields.
  • Thrown weapons cannot pierce metal armour. Thrown weapons striking metal armour are ignored.
  • Gain +1 HP for protection-offering helmet, gloves and a sports cup (men) or chest padding (Women)
  • When reduced to 0 HP, players are rendered unconscious. This requires them to act out a death and after a 10 second wait must decide to either wait for a heal, or stand and move to their nearest respawn.

Perks :

  • 1 perk is chosen upon class choice.
  • 1 extra perk is granted when reaching the max tier of their class (awarded by the officials)


Warrior class:

  • Tier 1: 5 HP Base.
  • Tier 2: +1 HP.
    Requires: Light armour coverage (3 Zones covered).
  • Tier 3 (Max): +3 HP, +1 Perk
    Requires: Heavy armour coverage (3 Zones covered), Some sort of tabard or faction affiliation marking.
  • Able to wear any armour.
  • Able to use any shield (within ruleset)
  • Able to use any weapon except Bows
  • Not able to use magic.

Mage Class :

  • Tier 1: 3 HP Base
  • Tier 2 (Max): +1HP, +1 Perk.
    Requires: full outfit, including focus and mage bag.
  • Gains no extra HP from armour
  • Not able to use Metal armour
  • Not able to use shields
  • Able to use all 1h weapons, and staves
  • Must have focus in one hand whilst casting.
  • Able to use magic
  • Limited to 6 spell packets.

Ranger Class :

  • Tier 1: 4 HP Base
  • Tier 2: +1 HP
    Requires: Light armour coverage (3 Zones covered)
  • Tier 3 (Max): +2 HP + 1 Perk.
    Requires: Medium armour coverage (3 Zones covered), A Hood OR cloak.
  • Not able to use metal armour
  • Not able to use magic
  • Able to use all weapons except 2-handed.
  • Able to use a buckler – instead of a bow.

Rogue Class :

  • Tier 1: 4 HP Base
  • Tier 2: +1 HP
    Requires: face covering and/or cloak.
  • Tier 3 (Max): +2 HP + 1 Perk.
    Requires: Light armour coverage (3 Zones covered), Hood and/or cloak
  • Not able to use Metal armour
  • Able to use all 1 handed weapons, and thrown
  • Not able to use Magic
  • Not able to use shields

Magic Rules

Mages are able to cast Fireball – which requires a red spell packet, and a 10-word cantrip which must be spoken aloud whilst holding the spell raised. Below is a table of words to include in your cantrip, you must use 3 words from this table to cast fireball.

Imperial Royalist
Tarvala Markoth (God of life, stregth and earth)
Flame Bran (God of wrath, passion and fire)
Smite Asha (God of death, mercy and water)
Heretic Vance (God of knowledge, power and air)
Mercy Power
Protect Kings
Righteous Justice
Wrath Glory
Crusade Knowledge
Sacred Vindication
Light Worthy
Throne Courage
Kneel Victory
Rage Court of Four
Cleanse Burn
Crown Faith
Kingdom Might
Holy Fury
Divine Divine
Destroy Serpent

Perks :

  • (Any) Not for the faint-hearted: you are able to perform first aid on fallen fighters, healing their wounds by +2HP. (this is done by wrapping & tying a bandage around the player’s injured limb into a knot. After completing the knot, the player is then healed) This bandage must remain on the fighter until the next time they arrive at respawn, after which they must remove it and place it at the respawn.
  • (Warrior) Stone Skin: The warrior gains +1 HP. (Passive)
  • (Ranger & Rogue) Cloak and Dagger: You are able to backstab a player from behind, calling “backstab”as you strike. The target is reduced to 0 HP instantly. (Does not work against plate armour covering the target’s back unless you strike around the plate.)
  • (Rogue) Smoke bomb: (Limit of 2 packets) A rogue can throw a grey ball smoke at an opponent. If struck (even on the shield), the opponent must pretend as if they inhaled a cloud of smoke; coughing and spluttering as they rub their eyes. Effect lasts as much as roleplayed (minimum 3 seconds). (The Rogue must throw a grey spell packet at another player. If roleplayed, the target is immune to all damage from that rogue until they are no longer incapacitated – Max 10 seconds)
  • (Warrior) Slam: Smashing an opponent with such force they are knocked backward. Taking 1 step backward, blocked or not. (The attacker must call “SLAM” mid-swing. Limit of 1 use per 10 seconds (approx.))
  • (Warrior, Ranger & Rogue) Dual Scabbard: The ability to wield 2 weapons, one in each hand. (weapons must meet the size requirements for off-hand and main hand found in the handbook)
  • (Ranger) Powershot: Rangers can utilize flaming arrows to make a devastating attack on opponents. If an arrow hits a target anywhere, including the shield, that attack is considered a hit. (Rangers must call “Power shot!” PRIOR to releasing the arrow lands. This arrow will count as a normal shot if taken anywhere on the body, or if the arrow strikes a shield. The call must be made prior to taking the shot. This arrow must be marked with a red ribbon taped to the neck of the arrow. Max of 3 per archer)
  • (Mage) Wind Blast: Casting a short spell and pointing at 3 fighters with the words “PUSH BACK!” those fighters must take 5 large steps backward and then re-engage. (The Mage must chant a 15-word cantrip out aloud whilst holding their focus in the air, they then make the call and point, this effect cannot be negated)
  • (Mage) Freeze: Casting a spell and launching a ball of frost which freezes the targets legs in place for 30 seconds or until a player strikes the target. Striking deals 1 HP damage regardless of friend or foe. (The Mage must chant a 15 - word cantrip out aloud whilst holding their focus aloft. They then throw a blue spell packet at the enemy, calling “Freeze!” as they do).
  • (Mage) Magic bag: Limit of how many spell packets can be carried during a given battle increased to 12. (This includes freeze and fireball).

Breaking of Rules

When a player has broken a rule, action is decided on the severity of the rule broken and the degree to which it was broken. Players will be given an immediate ‘Reaction Sanction’ by the Officials present. Players may then receive Official sanction from the committee should their offence be deemed severe. Official Sanctions will be decided by Battlecry committee and submitted in writing to the player.

Reaction Sanctions can include but are not limited to:

  • Instant character death.
  • Player being removed from the game for a period of time.
  • Player being removed from the game for the remainder of the night.

Official Sanctions can include but are not limited to:

  • The requirement of players to re-attend Proficiency classes or a refresher course.
  • Players being suspended from a number of future events.
  • Players being expelled from any and all related events.
  • The notification of police should it be deemed necessary.

Strike System

Players will also be issued a strike upon a serious on or off field breach in the code of conduct; Accruing three strikes will require the player to front a committee of Battlecry staff to assess if the player is to attend future events

Players will also be issued a strike upon a serious on or off field breach in the code of conduct; Accruing three strikes will require the player to front a committee of Battlecry staff to assess if the player is to attend future events

Players strikes will be recorded on their membership cards and the player’s number will be written down and the strike will be issued on the database, this is to ensure records are kept in more than one place.

Players are responsible for retaining their membership card in the upmost condition; poorly looked-after card must be replaced at the player’s expense.

Players found altering or falsifying the information on their cards, sign in forms, participation agreement or to any official will be subject to harsh disciplinary action. It’s fraud.

Official punishments can be appealed in writing to the Battlecry committee for review.

Code of Conduct

The Player's Oath :

  • I will play safe.
  • I will play fair.
  • I will role-play beyond belief.
  • I will not cheat myself or the game
  • I will take my hits
  • I will not put myself or others in danger
  • I will take care of my equipment and surroundings
  • I will respect all others
  • I will not insult or discriminate against others
  • I will not drink and battle
  • I will not play angry
  • I will not be a bully
  • I will train myself and others to be a better player
  • I will respect officials
  • I will be patient when things need to be fixed
  • I will remember that the goal is to have fun, not to win
  • I will be humble in victory and graceful in defeat
  • I will take my character’s death
  • I will enjoy myself
  • I will remember it’s a game

Say it, Learn it, Live it!

Website FAQ's

Where is Battlecry?

Battlecry is currently held in McCarthy Reserve, Rockdale, 2216

When does it start?

Sign-in is between 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Players start arriving around 6pm, to line up, kit up, and socialise before the game. New player training begins at 7pm. With the game starting at 7:30pm.

What do I need to start?

  • Your imagination! Don’t worry about having an impressive costume straight off the bat, as players build costumes over time, everyone starts somewhere. Costumes can also be hired from the sign in desk.
  • When picking clothing, pick something that is not too bright, black or dark green or browns often work the best, with some black shoes. Pick items that are comfortable and appropriate to wear, and that you won’t freeze/overheat in.
  • When picking footwear, Closed toed shoes must be worn on the field at all times. Pick shoes that fit you, as you will be running around, pick something practical.
  • Bring a friend! This game is a whole lot more fun if you attend with or bring along someone you know. It can be pretty daunting for your first time, so why not bring along a mate and see who can survive the longest; it will be a lot of fun.
  • Last but certainly not least, a source of ID to prove your age upon request, you will need this to fill in the form and hire gear.

What if it’s raining? Like, really raining!

Battlecry will go ahead rain, wind or heat. If for any reason Battlecry is not running, an announcement will be made Thursday night before the gameday, and members will be notified. If there is no announcement, you can guarantee the game will be running at it’s normal time.

How can people tell when they’re dead? Won’t they cheat?

Our game runs off a rule system designed by players and perfected over years of testing. Players are given a set amount of hit points, and when reduced to zero via weapon strikes, a player will die. We have officials roaming the field who will be watching the battle unfold, If you feel someone might be taking a few more hits than they should, perhaps give your nearest official a heads up! Cheats in this game are uncommon, but are dealt with.

What are the weapons made of?

The weapons players use consist of a fibreglass core, coated in high density foam, covered in a latex paint. These weapons are manufactured specifically for our style of combat.

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