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The Story of Markoth is an ever-growing one with the players contributing to the overarching lore and plot. This game is run by Battlecry but ultimately, it is decided by the players and what they put into it.

The world of Markoth is a 'pre-gunpowder', low fantasy setting in which the world is built and handed to the players for them to make their mark on. Players can create factions, take control and build nations, or even champion their own characters into the history books.

Battlecry gives players the excitement, customization options and creative freedom that video games can give you, with addition of raw action, adrenaline, and community that it can't.

10 Things you need to know

These 10 things define the ways in which the world is run and fiction will continue to be created. They define the ways in which the Story Team looks at all submissions and writes games. Keep these things in mind when writing for Markoth as these rules are never to be bent.

You live as one being in a vast and ever expanding world. You may be a simple farmer, a General or Soldier, a Lord or Lady, or even just an average Joseph, but one thing is for sure: this is your homeland and you love it no matter its flaws.

Markoth stretches from the northern wastes all the way south to the Sea of Seven Kings with a large mixture of races, languages, places and traditions different from your own nativity. For the most part, many of us get along but it wasn’t always this way.

Back we go, to a time before the magic came to the mortals. Primitive records were kept of the old Realm, but it was comprised of savage mortal races who were uncultivated and often lived short existences in a world that cared for nothing. The Fey, immortal beings of terrible power, ruled Markoth with an iron fist. The Fey used the mortal populace as slaves, entertainment and eventually for all-out war. They tormented all of those they saw as inferior to them. During this time, the mortal races had no possible way to overthrow their captors. Not only were the Fey immortal, but they also had incredible weaponry and were highly skilled in its use from several mortal lifetimes’ of training. They also wielded powers no mortal could understand, shooting lightning from their fingertips, manipulating the elements and even bending time. All mortals bowed down out of necessity.

Until Tarvala arrived.
Seeing the destruction and hardship the mortal races had suffered at the hands of his people, Tarvala defected. He taught a small gathering of mortals the wonders of magic and how to fight with weaponry in order to defeat the Fey. Tarvala amassed an army which he used to wage war on the Fey in an effort to break the mortals’ chains of enslavement. For 82 years he led the fight between the realms until he finally led the final charge directly to the gates of the Fey’s Immortal Kingdom.

The battle over, only Tarvala, himself wounded, had returned and a treaty gained, one which would protect the realm and banish all Fey from their world forever. And so began many peaceful years, the Mortal Realm sanctified Tarvala as a Demigod; He who gave the gift of freedom and united the people. But not all of the people were united. The Kings and Nobles of Markoth did not believe that Tarvala was of divine birth, nor did they want to listen to some upstart Emperor parade around, failing to acknowledge their blood and right to rule. Fearing their religion had been infringed, traditions thrown to the wind and their names lost forever, they decided that action needed to be taken.

After 30 years as Ruler, Tarvala was assassinated at the hands of a royal rebellion. The Empire he had built was put to the torch and the land split in two. War began to ravage Markoth once again. Towns disappeared from the map as war tore through the bonds that united Realm, destroying everything in its path. 20 years of brutal conflict and horrific violence finally came to an end on the year 350 as the first major peace Treaty was signed between the two sides.

Now it is the year 368; It is 18 years from the cessation of death and pain, but old blood still stains the landscape and the threat of war still hovers just over the horizon. Both sides still continue to quarrel and poke at the tenuous pact that binds them. Many feel that in the current state, war seems inevitable.

You have now entered a world in a state of cold war with a now-weak nonaggression pact being the only thing restricting each side from outright conflict, one fistfight being the difference between peace and total annihilation. Where will you go? What will you do? Who will you meet? But most importantly, will you survive as you make your way through this world…